Getting started with python

Class 11 Sumita arora Chapter 6 Getting started with python by Rohan. In this chapter, we will know the introduction of python and the basic information that we should know about python.

Topics that we are going to cover in this article/notes ( Class 11 Chapter6 Getting started with python)

  • Introduction
  • Python Advantage
  • Python Disadvantage
  • Compiler
  • Interpreter
  • Python is a cross-platform language


Python is object-oriented programming (OOP)language that was developed by Guido Van Rossum.

object-oriented programming is about creating objects that contain both data and functions. … OOP provides a clear structure for the programs.

Python language was influenced by two programming languages.

  • ABC Language
  • Modula-3(Modula 3 was the upgraded version of Modula2)

Python Advantage

  • Python Advantage
  • Easy TO Use
  • Interpreted Language
  • It Completeness (Python is a complete language where we can create a Website, Create Program, create an app, and many more)
  • Cross-Platform (Here Cross-platform means we can use python in different os(operating system) Like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.
  • Freely Available (Freely available means we don’t need to pay any kind of charges for using python it’s freely available at python official website
  • Open Source (Open source means that the source code of the python is available which means a highly skilled developer can take that source code and help the python community for adding new features)

Python Disadvantages

  • Not the Fastest language(Because it execute line by line as it work on an interpreter other than compiler which executes whole at once)
  • Less Library than C++ and java
  • Not Preferred for mobile Development
  • Database management is not good(Use older version)
  • Memory Consumption

Difference between Compiled and Interpreted Language


  • The language Processor Converts a High-level language program into machine language by converting it line by line.
  • If It found any error on any line, It will report and stop the program for further execution Compiler
  • The language Processor Converts a High-level language program into machine language by converting it on one go.
  • If It found any error on any line, If will report the error with the line containing the error

Working With Python

  • We need to download Official Software from (Which is Called CPython)
  • There are basically two types of mode in CPython



Interactive Mode(Python Idle)

Getting started with python

In this Mode, We can Execute the command line by line

Script Mode

Getting started with python

In this mode, we can develop a full program in one go

Different Softwares to Use Python language.

  • Jupyter
  • Anaconda
  • Pycharm
  • Spyder
  • Visual Studio

>>Coding in text Editor

Example of TextEditor

  • Vim
  • Nano
  • Leafpad

Note: Save Your program in text Editor as an extension of .py

To use Python Through Terminal or CMD

Use Command

python Filename

Simple Python Program (Hello World)

print(“Hello World”)


Anything Within the codes called String.



Class 11 Chapter 6 Getting Started with Python By Rohan

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